Our goal: 100% recycling
Since 2006 our company has been approved for large-scale depollution of ELV (end of life vehicles). WEEE (household electrical waste) and some plastic waste are some of the materials that are recycled and processed. The company is equipped with specially adapted technical facilities for the collection of waste: trucks, trailers and containers guaranteeing a competent and reactive service as well as maximum environmental protection.

The optimal processing of scrap for the iron and steel industry
Galloo Dieppe is a major player in the processing of scrap iron and metals in Upper Normandy. We recycle and process waste by offering a wide range of specially tailored and long-term solutions in terms of economy and environment. We accept and collect metallic waste from manufacturers. We also enable individual purchasers to benefit from our professional experience of the retail purchase of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Throughout the range of services that we provide for you, we are ready and willing to assist you with any problems that you may experience with recycling.

Approval number: VHU PR 7600023D

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